Environmental Senior officer


Address: National Park, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Department, 61 Paholyothin Road, Ladyao, Jatujak, 10900  Bangkok, Thailand

Phone: +66 (0)8 15 70 75 40

Email: aboonsaner|DONTWANTSPAM|


Selected publications

Grellier S., Janeau JL., Thothong W., Boonsaner A., Bonnet MP., Lagane C., Seyler P. 2013. Seasonal effect on trace metal elements behaviour in a reservoir of northern Thailand. Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 185: 5523-5536. DOI: 10.1007/s10661-012-2964-7.

Thothong, W., Huon, S., Janeau, J.-L., Boonsaner, A., de Rouw, A., Planchon, O., Bardoux, G. & Parkpian, P., 2011 Impact of land use change and rainfall on sediment and carbon accumulation in a water reservoir of North Thailand. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment. 140(3-4), 521-533.