Soil ecology, organic fertilisers (compost, vermicompost, biochar)


Address: Soils and Fertilizers Research Institute (SFRI, VAAS, MARD), Le Van Hien street, Duc Thang precinct, Tu Liem North urban district, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone: +84 (0) 98 20 71 507

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Main fields of research and expertise

Thuy Doan Thu has 22 years research experience in bio-technology, agronomy and soil ecology. She spent 12 years working on improve the quality of crop production via using the Biotechnology (in vitro propagation and molecular technique). She has 10 years studying the effect of organic amendment like compost, vermicompost and biochar on plant growth, soil and water quality. Since 2008, her work as part of the activities in the MSEC (Multi Scale Environmental Change management – M-TROPICS program) and LMI LUSES project: dynamic of Land Use changes and Soil Ecosystem Service, fundamental findings were the understanding of the ecological concepts. These concepts and theories are now required for the design of agronomical systems with cross cutting knowledge on soil and water science, agronomy, biodiversity. In this study, several functions or properties impacted by organic fertilization were considered: (i) soil chemical quality, (ii) soil macro fauna and soil microbial diversity, (ii) plant growth and yield, and (iv) water quality.  At regional scale, the ecological concepts have been applied for designing experiment in Laos, Thai land and India. Furthermore, the extension of an economical and friendly vermicomposting process has also been trained to Farmers in Viet Nam via the NGO’s program.

Selected publications

Phuong-Thi Ngo., Cornelia Rumpel, Jean-Louis Janeau, Dinh-Kim Dang, Thuy Thu Doan & Pascal Jouquet. (2016). Mixing of biochar with organic amendments (compost and Vermicompost) reduces carbon removal after field exposure under tropical conditions. Ecological Engineering 91, 378-380

Doan T.T, Henry-des-Tureaux T., Janeau J-L., Rumpel, C.,  Jouquet P., (2015). Impact of compost, vermicompost and biochar on soil fertility, maize yield and soil erosion in Northern Vietnam. A three years experiment in mesocosms.  Science of the Total Environmental 514:147-154

Pommier, A. Merroune, Y. Bettarel, P. Got, J.-L. Janeau, P. Jouquet, Thuy Doan Thu, Tran Duc Toan, E. Rochelle-Newall (2014). Off-site impacts of agricultural composting: role of terrestrially derived organic matter in structuring aquatic microbial communities and their metabolic potential. FEMS Microbiology Ecology. 10.1111, 1574-6941.12421

Phuong-Thi Ngo., Cornelia Rumpel., Thuy Doan Thu., Thierry Henry-des-Tureaux., Dinh-Kim Dang &Pascal Jouquet., (2014). Use of organic substrates for increasing soil organic matter quality and carbon sequestration of tropical degraded soil: a 3-year mesocosms experiment, Carbon Management 5:2, 155-168

Pascal JOUQUET & Thu Thuy DOAN, (2014). The utilization of vermicompost reduces the invasiveness of the earthworm species Dichogaster bolaui in a degraded tropical soil in Northern Vietnam. European Journal of Soil Biology 64:46-52

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