BVET Publications

Publications using data from the CZO-BVET Sreelash K, Buis S., Sekhar M., Ruiz L., Sat Kumar T., Guerif M. (2017) Estimation of available water capacity components of two-layered soils using crop model inversion: Effect of crop type and water regime. J. Hydrol., 546, 166-178 Shanbhag, R.R., Kabbaj, M., R. Sundararaj,… Continue Reading

MSEC publications

Publication using data from the MSEC CZO 1. Amossé, J.; Bettarel, Y.; Bouvier, C.; Bouvier, T.; Tran Duc, T.; Doan Thu, T.; Jouquet, P. The flows of nitrogen, bacteria and viruses from the soil to water compartments are influenced by earthworm activity and organic fertilization (compost vs. vermicompost). Soil Biology… Continue Reading