Upper Nyong basin (Southern Cameroon)

The hydrological and geochemical monitoring is performed on progressively increasing watershed size therefore permitting the coupling between the local and the regional scales. The spatial limits of these watersheds along with the location of the monitoring stations are given in the map below (Figure 1); their characteristics are shown in Table 1 (see below).

Carte du bassin amont du Nyong
Carte du bassin amont du Nyong
StationRiverLongitudeLatitudeElevation (m)Area (km²)Length (km)Slope (‰)Order
NsimiMengong11° 50′ E3° 10′ N6690,600,7513,31
MessamAwout11° 47′ E3° 17′ N647206301,23
Pont So’oSo’o11° 29′ E3° 19′ N6343.0701071,14
MbalmayoNyong11° 30′ E3° 31′ N63413.5553600,165
OlamaNyong11° 17′ E3° 26′ N62818.5104190,155

Table I – Characteristics of monitored stations and watersheds of the Upper-Nyong River