Water samples collected over one year at S4 station in Houay Pano.

Norbert Silvera (IRD-iEES Paris) and Laurie Boithias (CNAP-GET) visited the 3 catchments in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam to meet local colleagues and students, and to collect monitoring data and samples.

Landslide in Houay Pano catchment.

In Houay Pano (Laos) together with Olivier Ribolzi (IRD-GET), Anne Pando (IRD-iEES Paris) and Bounsamai Soulileuth (IRD-iEES Paris) they evaluated the extent of the landslides triggered by last July heavy storms: about 10% of the catchment is impacted. They also took advantage of being in the field to collect some additional samples of sediment for 10Be and magnetic susceptibility analyses.

In Thailand and Vietnam, they met the colleagues at Yom Watershed Research Station and at SFRI, respectively. Visits to Huay Ma Nai and Dong Cao catchments allowed checking the in-field monitoring devices. Sediment samples were also collected for 10Be analysis. At SFRI, time was dedicated to hydrological data management over the 3 catchments with Guillaume Masselis (VIA IRD).