Problem when consulting a dataset.

The application displaying the MTropics catalog as well as the one displaying the information corresponding to a DOI require recent browsers.

So, if when you are browsing one of these pages, you are confronted with a blank screen, it is most likely a problem related to your browser version.

One way to solve the problem is to update your browser.

However, you can also help us improve compatibility with older browsers by providing us with additional information about the error blocking applications.

To do this, open the browser console. This is done on most browsers by clicking on the “F12” key which open the developpement tool section and by selecting the console tab

Console Tab in the developement tool section

It is likely that one or more red lines will appear in this tab. It is then useful to unfold them if necessary and to send us the contents of these lines, via this form. Either via a copy/paste of the text, or via a screenshot.