Indo-French remote sensing fall school at IISc Bangalore

An Indo-French fall school was organized from October 28 to 30, 2019, at Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore). It gathered about 50 attendees (PhD students, researchers, engineers). THEIA, the Indian Institute of Science, and the CEFIRSE (Nicolas  Baghdadi, Sekhar Muddu, Mehrez Zribi) lead the event organization. The main objective was to present different applications of remote sensing, water resources, soil and vegetation management, with a fruitful participation of Indian and French scientists. The first meeting day was dedicated to a workshop, whereas the two following days were dedicated to theoretical and practical work.

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Hydrological modelling training with SWAT+ in Luang Prabang, Laos, Oct. 8-10

From Oct. 8 to Oct. 10, Laurie BOITHIAS (CNAP, GET) offered a hydrological modelling training with SWAT+ (Bieger et al., 2017). The objective for the participants was to learn how to use the tool and get basic knowledge of numerical modelling. The training lasted 3 days. The attendees first implemented the tool by using long […]



Prof. Kyunghwa CHO’s EM2 research group visiting iEES Paris and GET

This week both iEES Paris and GET laboratories welcomed Prof. Kyunghwa CHO and 3 of his PhD students within the PHC STAR collaboration funded by Campus France, involving iEES Paris, GET, and UNIST. On April 3, we had a seminar in Toulouse to present on-going work from both sides, including hyper-spectral imagery and its application […]



M-TROPICS at the workshop on particulate transport organized by IGE

As a transverse action within the OZCAR research infrastructure, IGE organized a workshop on particulate fluxes measurement and monitoring within the critical zone. The long term monitoring of soil erosion, suspended sediments and bedload performed by M-TROPICS was presented, together with related research on land use change impact, river water color, sediment sources characterization, bacteria […]