M-TROPICS in Laos has set up its new water quality laboratory within DALaM partnership

The new water quality laboratory of M-TROPICS has been set up at DALaM in Vientiane. DALaM contributed with the premises and oven. Christelle LAGANE (IRD GET) installed both Milli-Q water supplier and ionic chromatography, and trained Khampaseuth XAYYATHIP (IRD DALaM) and Inpeng SAVENG (DALaM), who will be starting her PhD at GET on November 2023 under the joint supervision of Olivier RIBOLZI (IRD GET) and Laurie BOITHIAS (UPS GET). In the meantime, Chanthanousone THAMMAHACKSA (IRD DALaM) trained Khampaseuth and Inpeng to the measurement of E. coli concentration, total suspended sediment concentration, and alkalinity. The new lab will run the analyses for the 9 sampling stations monitored by M-TROPICS within the Mekong River basin.

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Ratboren Chan started his PhD within M-TROPICS on the effect of geomorphological features and land use change on stream flow and water quality in Lao PDR

Ratboren CHAN is a former student of the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (Engineer’s degree), and of the Kasetsart University in Thailand (Master of Engineering). He just started his PhD at GET (funded by Campus France-French Embassy in Cambodia and ITC), within the M-TROPICS critical zone observatory and the ANR DinBuam project, with the aim […]

IRD ECOBIO Department visited M-TROPICS study sites in Lao PDR

On November 22-23, Emma Rochelle-Newall and Jean-Christophe Avarre, head and deputy-head of the ECOBIO scientific department at IRD, respectively, along with Sabrina Locatelli, IRD Representative in Lao PDR, visited the various sampling and measuring sites of the M-TROPICS critical zone observatory, currently augmented by the different setups deployed by the ANR DinBuam research project. It […]

Inpeng Saveng started her PhD within M-TROPICS on the role of headwater wetlands in driving the transfer of fecal bacteria in tropical mountain streams in Laos

Inpeng SAVENG is a former student of the National University of Laos (Bachelor of Environmental Sciences), and of the Kyushu University in Japan (Master of Science). She just started her PhD at GET (funded by IRD-ARTS and Campus France-French Embassy in Lao PDR), within the M-TROPICS critical zone observatory and the ANR DinBuam project, with […]