Dong Cao, Roots and Humans

A documentary film (Dong Cao, des racines & des Hommes, 9’04) featuring Jean-Luc MAEGHT (IRD) and PHAM Dinh Rinh (SFRI) has been shot within the Dong Cao catchment in Vietnam (M-TROPICS/MSEC) to highlight the long term monitoring of the CZO (climate, land use, hydrology, and soil erosion, root density, macrofauna,… Continue Reading

Impacts of teak expansion on environment and human health

Short summary of the latest research on the Houay Pano CZO (M-TROPICS/MSEC) dealing with teak expansion, the impact of understorey management on soil surface features and water infiltration, and the consequences of increased surface runoff and soil erosion on pathogens’ transport. Video (4’39) can be watched here.

How can we manage a resource we don’t understand?

“When John Rowell moved to India in 2012, he had a limited understanding of ‘water problems’. A chance encounter with a member of the Indo-French Cell for Water Sciences led him on a six month journey to better understand our most precious resource…” Full text can be found here.