Hemanth MOGER

Master in Chemistry

Address: Indo French Cell for Water Sciences (IFCWS), Department of Civil engineering, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-560012, INDIA

Phone: +919742804258




Main fields of research and expertise

Monitoring the chemical analysis of water and soil at the Indo French Cell for Water Sciences laboratory.  

Selected publications

Buvaneshwari, S., Riotte., J, Sekhar M., Mohan Kumar M.S., Sharma A K., Duprey J.L., Audry S., Giriraja P.R., Praveen Y., Hemanth M., Durand P., Braun J.J., Ruiz L., Groundwater resource vulnerability and spatial variability of nitrate contamination: Insights from high density tube well monitoring in a hard rock aquifer, Sci Total Environ (2016).

Ajay Harit, Hemanth Moger, Jean lous duprey,Selvaraj Gajalakshmi, Shahid Abbas Abbasi, Sankaran Subramanian, Pascal Jouquet., Termites can have greater influence on soil properties through the construction of soil sheetings than the production of above-ground mounds, Insect. Soc. (2017).

P.S Ganesh Subramanian, R. Harsha, D.K. Manju, M. Hemanth, R. Lakshminarayana, M.S. Anand, S. Dasappa., Characterization of plasma activated water for medical purpose, Advanced research materials (2019).

N. Punit, R. Harsha, R. Lakshminarayana, M. Hemanth, M. S. Anand, S. Dasappa., Plasma activated water generation and its application in agriculture, Advanced research materials (2019).