Laurie Boithias

Hydrology, water quality

PhD, Assoc. Prof / Phys.-adj. CNAP

Address: Géosciences Environnement Toulouse, 14 avenue Edouard Belin, 31400 Toulouse, FRANCE

Phone: +33 (0)5 61 33 27 12

Email: laurie.boithias|DONTWANTSPAM|


Main fields of research and expertise

Laurie BOITHIAS got her PhD in 2012 from the University of Toulouse, France. After three post-docs in Spain and France, she got an associate professor position at GET in Toulouse in 2017, within the M-TROPICS CZO. Her research is about catchment-scale hydrology, erosion processes, and fate and transport of contaminants such as pathogens, pesticides, and pharmaceuticals. The overall aim of her research is to contribute to the interdisciplinary understanding of the biogeochemical functioning of hydrological systems and to ecosystem services assessment. Her approach is triple: field measurement, experimental studies and catchment-scale modelling.

Selected publications

Boithias, L., Choisy, M., Souliyaseng, N., Jourdren, M., Quet, F., Buisson, Y., Thammahacksa, C., Silvera, N., Latsachack, K., Sengtaheuanghoung, O., Pierret, A., Rochelle-Newall, E., Becerra, S., Ribolzi, O., 2016. Hydrological regime and water shortage as drivers of the seasonal incidence of diarrheal diseases in a tropical montane environment. PLoS Negl. Trop. Dis. 10, e0005195.

Boithias, L., Jardé, E., Latsachack, K., Thammahacksa, C., Silvera, N., Soulileuth, B., Xayyalart, M., Viguier, M., Pierret, A., Rochelle-Newall, E., Ribolzi, O., 2024. Village Settlements in Mountainous Tropical Areas, Hotspots of Fecal Contamination as Evidenced by Escherichia coli and Stanol Concentrations in Stormwater Pulses. Environ. Sci. Technol. 58, 6335–6348.

Boithias, L., Ribolzi, O., Lacombe, G., Thammahacksa, C., Silvera, N., Latsachack, K., Soulileuth, B., Viguier, M., Auda, Y., Robert, E., Evrard, O., Huon, S., Pommier, T., Zouiten, C., Sengtaheuanghoung, O., Rochelle-Newall, E., 2021b. Quantifying the effect of overland flow on Escherichia coli pulses during floods: Use of a tracer-based approach in an erosion-prone tropical catchment. J. Hydrol. 594, 125935.

Boithias, L., Ribolzi, O., Rochelle-Newall, E., Thammahacksa, C., Nakhle, P., Soulileuth, B., Pando-Bahuon, A., Latsachack, K., Silvera, N., Sounyafong, P., Xayyathip, K., Zimmermann, R., Rattanavong, S., Oliva, P., Pommier, T., Evrard, O., Huon, S., Causse, J., Henry-des-Tureaux, T., Sengtaheuanghoung, O., Sipaseuth, N., Pierret, A., 2022. Escherichia coli concentration, multiscale monitoring over the decade 2011–2021 in the Mekong River basin, Lao PDR. Earth Syst. Sci. Data 14, 2883–2894.

Kim, M., Boithias, L., Cho, K.H., Silvera, N., Thammahacksa, C., Latsachack, K., Rochelle-Newall, E., Sengtaheuanghoung, O., Pierret, A., Pachepsky, Y.A., Ribolzi, O., 2017. Hydrological modeling of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in a tropical mountain catchment. Water Res. 119, 102–113.

Nakhle, P., Boithias, L., Pando-Bahuon, A., Thammahacksa, C., Gallion, N., Sounyafong, P., Silvera, N., Latsachack, K., Soulileuth, B., Rochelle-Newall, E.J., Marcangeli, Y., Pierret, A., Ribolzi, O., 2021a. Decay Rate of Escherichia coli in a Mountainous Tropical Headwater Wetland. Water 13, 2068.

Nakhle, P., Ribolzi, O., Boithias, L., Rattanavong, S., Auda, Y., Sayavong, S., Zimmermann, R., Soulileuth, B., Pando, A., Thammahacksa, C., Rochelle-Newall, E., Santini, W., Martinez, J.M., Gratiot, N., Pierret, A., 2021b. Effects of hydrological regime and land use on in-stream Escherichia coli concentration in the Mekong basin, Lao PDR. Sci. Rep. 11, 3460.