Stéphane AUDRY

Critical Zone, biogeochemistry, lakes, sediments

Associate Professor, physicien-adjoint CNAP

Address: Géosciences Environnement Toulouse, Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées, 14 Avenue Edouard Belin, 31400 Toulouse, France

Phone: (+33) 05 61 33 26 05

E-mail: stephane.audry|DONTWANTSPAM|


Main fields of research and expertise

Stéphane Audry got his PhD in 2003 from the University of Bordeaux, France. After two post-docs in France, he got an associate professor position at GET in Toulouse in 2006, within the M-TROPICS CZO.

His fields of expertise are:

  • Trace element cycles in aquatic systems
  • Transport and processes at the water-sediment interface
  • Early diagenesis
  • Sedimentary recording of anthropogenic pollution
  • Chemical partitioning of trace metals in suspended particles and sediment
  • Trace metal partitioning between dissolved and particulate phases

Selected publications

Blotevogel, S., Oliva, P., Denaix, L., Audry, S., Viers, J., Schreck, E. (2022) Stable Cu isotope ratios show changes in Cu uptake and transport mechanisms in vitis vinifera due to high Cu exposure. Front. Plant Sci.,

Tapia, J., Audry, S., Murray, J., Bhattacharya, P., Ormachea-Muñoz, M., Quino-Lima, I., Nordstrom, D.K. (2022) The solid-state partitioning, distribution, and mineralogical associations of arsenic and antimony: Integrated findings from the Altiplano Puna, South America and international comparisons. J. South Am. Earth Sci., 114,

Moustapha, M., Deirmendjian, L., Sebag, D., Braun, J.-J., Audry, S., Ateba Bessa, H., Adatte, T., Causserand, C., Adamou, I., Ngounou Ngatcha, B., and Guérin, F. (2022) Partitioning carbon sources between wetland and well-drained ecosystems to a tropical first-order stream – implications for carbon cycling at the watershed scale (Nyong, Cameroon) Biogeosciences 19, 137–163,

Audry, S., Ateba Bessa, H., Bedimo Bedimo, J-P., Boeglin, J-L., Boithias, L., Braun J-J., Dupré, B., Faucheux, M., Lagane, C., Maréchal, J-C., Ndam‐Ngoupayou, J.R., Nka Nnomo, B., Nlozoa, J., Ntonga, J-C., Ribolzi, O., Riotte, J., Rochelle‐Newall, E., Ruiz, L. (2021) The Multiscale TROPIcal CatchmentS critical zone observatory M‐TROPICS dataset I: The Nyong River Basin, Cameroon. Hydrol. Process.,

Guédron, S., Audry, S., Acha, D., Bouchet, S., Point, D., Condom, T., Heredia, C., Campillo, S., Baya, P.A., Groleau, A., Amice, E., Amouroux, D. (2020) Diagenetic production, accumulation and sediment-water exchanges of methylmercury in contrasted sediment facies of Lake Titicaca (Bolivia). Sci. Tot. Environ., 723,

Tapia, J., Audry, S., van-Beek, P. (2019) Natural and anthropogenic controls on particulate metal(loid) deposition in Bolivian highland sediments, Lake Uru Uru (Bolivia). The Holocene.

Audry, S., Akerman, A., Riotte, J., Oliva, P., Maréchal, J.C., Fraysse, F., Pokrovsky, O.S., Braun, J.J. (2014) Contribution of forest fire ash and plant litter decay on stream dissolved composition in a sub-humid tropical watershed (Mule Hole, Southern India). Chem. Geol., 372, 144-161,

Tapia J. and Audry, S. (2013) Control of early diagenesis processes on trace metals (Cu, Zn, Cd, Pb and U) and metalloids (As, Sb) behaviors in mining- and smelting-impacted lacustrine environments of the Bolivian Altiplano. Appl. Geochem. 31, 60-78,

Audry., S., Pokrovsky, O. S., Shirokova, L. S., Kirpotin, S. N., Dupré, B. (2011) Organic matter mineralization and trace element post-depositional redistribution in Western Siberia thermokarst lake sediments. Biogeosciences, 8, 3341–3358,

Audry, S., Blanc, G., Schäfer, J., Chaillou, G., Robert, S. (2006) Early diagenesis of trace metals (Cd, Cu, Co, Ni, U, Mo, V) in the freshwater reaches of a macrotidal estuary. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 70, 2264-2282,