The “Soil Bag” soil column incubation experiment on the M-TROPICS/MSEC site in Laos, under teak tree plantation, was ended during the week of June 3, 2019. The global challenges of this experiment is to address the role of soil engineers on soil quality, conservation, and rehabilitation, under different environmental constraints. It also aims to provide calibration data to model soil porosity evolution in order to simulate soil structure and water transfers under different soil and climate conditions.

The experiment in Laos was carried out by Jean-Luc Maeght (iEES Paris IRD and SFRI in Vietnam) with the strong involvement of the local M-TROPICS/MSEC team, within the regional cooperation network between Vietnam (SFRI), Laos (DALaM) and LMI LUSES coordinated by Alain Pierret (iEES Paris IRD and DALaM in Laos), and including the financial support of LMI LUSES.