Field campaign in Cameroon to study biogeochemical cycles and weathering in a tropical context

On September 19-25, Jean Riotte, Christelle Lagane, and Jean-Jacques Braun from GET/IRD participated to a field campaign at the Nsimi experimental watershed, monitored within the M-TROPICS CZO. Recently, the land use in Nsimi watershed has been changed to agriculture mixed with residual forest and fallow. The objective of the mission was thus to start the […]


Geophysical field campaign in India

A team of geophysical scientists from iEES Paris, METIS, and GEOPS, in collaboration with the Indian Institute of Science (Bangalore) and the Indo French Cell for Water Sciences (LMI CEFIRSE) performed a field campaign in the agricultural catchment of Berambadi in November 2019. The objective was to characterize the spatial heterogeneity of regolith properties by […]


E. coli in tropical swamps: decay or regrowth ? EC2CO NARIBACT project

Fecal contamination in surface water is a major health concern in developing countries. The objective of the EC2CO NARIBACT project (2019-2020), led by Laurie BOITHIAS (Phys.-adj. CNAP, GET), is to better understand the drivers of the bacterial dissemination in tropical areas. In August 2019, Laurie BOITHIAS, together with Olivier RIBOLZI (IRD, GET), Norbert SILVERA (IRD, […]


‘Soil Bag’ experiment ended in M-TROPICS/MSEC site in Laos

The “Soil Bag” soil column incubation experiment on the M-TROPICS/MSEC site in Laos, under teak tree plantation, was ended during the week of June 3, 2019. The global challenges of this experiment is to address the role of soil engineers on soil quality, conservation, and rehabilitation, under different environmental constraints. It also aims to provide […]


Field survey in Huay Ma Nay catchment, Thailand, for building land use map

Jean-Louis Janeau (IRD-iEES Paris) and Nitjaporn Koonklang (IRD assistant) were in the field during the first week of May to survey the land use in Huay Ma Nay catchment, Phrae Province, Thailand. They described the soil surface features of more than 300 measurement points in this hilly catchment with steep slopes, mostly covered by maize […]


Tripti MUGULI is visiting GET for greenhouse gases characterization

Tripti MUGULI (DST-INSPIRE Faculty at National Centre for Earth Science Studies, Thiruvananthapuram, India) is visiting the laboratory Géosciences Environnement Toulouse since October 4th until December 21st, 2018, within the ANR-ATCHA project. She previously worked as a SERB-DST National PDF (2017-2018) on the research project ‘Carbon and nitrogen gaseous emissions from irrigated agriculture: Kabini Critical Zone […]


M-TROPICS at UNIST and Konkuk University, South-Korea

Three researchers involved in M-TROPICS CZO went to South Korea from November 26 to December 6 within the French-Korean Campus France-funded project “Investigating fate and transport of microbial pathogens in freshwater-environment”. Emma Rochelle-Newall (IRD – iEES Paris), Olivier Ribolzi (IRD – GET), and Laurie Boithias (CNAP – GET) met Prof. Yongeun PARK at Konkuk University in […]


Field visit of the south-east Asian critical zone observatories

Norbert Silvera (IRD-iEES Paris) and Laurie Boithias (CNAP-GET) visited the 3 catchments in Laos, Thailand and Vietnam to meet local colleagues and students, and to collect monitoring data and samples. In Houay Pano (Laos) together with Olivier Ribolzi (IRD-GET), Anne Pando (IRD-iEES Paris) and Bounsamai Soulileuth (IRD-iEES Paris) they evaluated the extent of the landslides […]


Reservoir methane release in Northern Thailand

From 26 October to 2 November 2018, in situ measurements of dissolved methane concentrations were carried out in the water column of the Maethang irrigation reservoir by three scientists from the iEES Paris joint research unit (Sylvain Huon, Véronique Vaury, and Jean-Louis Janeau). Water and gas samples were also collected to perform stable carbon isotope […]