Renewal of the Memorandum of Understanding with DALaM in Lao PDR

On 9th of August 2021, Dr Nivong Sipaseuth, Director General of the Department of Agricultural Land Management (DALaM) of the Laotian Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and Dr Eric Deharo, Representative of IRD in Laos signed the renewal of an agreement of scientific and technical cooperation between the two institutions. The signature of this agreement confirms […]


Nicolas Gallion has just started his M2 internship at GET within the M-TROPICS/MSEC CZO

Nicolas has been studying environmental sciences for 5 years. As part of his second year of Master’s degree at the University of Burgundy (MASTER II Soil, Water, Environment), he has the opportunity to carry out a six-month internship in collaboration with SNO M-TROPICS / MSEC in the north of Laos. His internship is part of […]


4th Meeting of the Indo-French project ANR ATCHA

The 4th Meeting of the Indo-French project ANR ATCHA (Accompanying The adaptation of irrigated agriculture to climate CHAnge) was held at INRA Montpellier SupAgro, campus de la Gaillarde, France, from November 4 to 7, 2019. The meeting gathered 30 participants from Montpellier, Rennes, Toulouse, Avignon and Bangalore. The meeting was followed by a field visit […]


Nicolas Gallion started his internship within the Houay Pano CZO, Laos

Nicolas Gallion studies environmental sciences at the University of Burgundy (Master 1 Sol, Eau, Milieux, Environnement). He is currently having his first year of master’s internship within the Houay Pano CZO in northern Laos (M-TROPICS/MSEC). He his learning the various protocols for hydrological monitoring, water sampling and laboratory analyzes, and will give a focus on […]


Rutuja Chitra-Tarak won 2018 Harper Prize

The Journal of Ecology awarded the 2018 Harper Prize to Rutuja Chitra-Tarak. According to the editors, her paper is an “excellent and novel example of integrating different approaches to answer an important ecological issue. In this case, her study uses a combination of demographic data, hydrological data, and eco-hydrological modelling to relate tropical tree mortality […]


Khemngeun PONGMALA started her PhD within M-TROPICS on B. pseudomallei dissemination in soils and waters in Laos

Khemngeun PONGMALA is a former student from the National University of Laos (Bachelor of Civil Engineering / Environnement), the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Toulouse (Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development), and the Ecole Polytechnique Montreal (Master’s degree in environmental engineering). Her research during her second master was on the transport of microbial contamination […]


Jean RIOTTE successfully defended his HDR on January 30 at GET!

Jean RIOTTE, from IRD, successfully defended his Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) on January 30 at the GET laboratory, by explaining biogeochemical cycles in both forested ecosystems and agro-ecosystems in southern India, within the M-TROPICS/BVET CZO and the Indo French Cell for Water Sciences (LMI CEFIRSE). Congratulations Jean!


Guillaume MASSELIS started his Volontariat International (VI) at IRD Vietnam

Guillaume MASSELIS is a former student of the ENSEGID, with a specialization in environmental sciences and environment management. During his 6-month internship at BRGM he worked on soil erosion and landslide issues. Now he just started his VI at iEES Paris, within the M-TROPICS critical zone observatory, and was posted at SFRI in Hanoi with […]


Layheang SONG started his PhD within M-TROPICS on erosion processes and sediment transport in tropical catchments

Layheang Song is a former student from both the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (Diploma of Engineering in water resources and rural infrastructure) and the University of Montpellier 2 (Master degree in Hydrology Risks and Environment). He did his master’s internship at the HSM laboratory on the hydrological modelling of small glaciated basins in the […]