Khemngeun PONGMALA started her PhD within M-TROPICS on B. pseudomallei dissemination in soils and waters in Laos

Khemngeun PONGMALA is a former student from the National University of Laos (Bachelor of Civil Engineering / Environnement), the Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Toulouse (Master’s degree in Urban Planning and Sustainable Development), and the Ecole Polytechnique Montreal (Master’s degree in environmental engineering). Her research during her second master was on the transport of microbial contamination […]


Jean RIOTTE successfully defended his HDR on January 30 at GET!

Jean RIOTTE, from IRD, successfully defended his Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches (HDR) on January 30 at the GET laboratory, by explaining biogeochemical cycles in both forested ecosystems and agro-ecosystems in southern India, within the M-TROPICS/BVET CZO and the Indo French Cell for Water Sciences (LMI CEFIRSE). Congratulations Jean!


Guillaume MASSELIS started his Volontariat International (VI) at IRD Vietnam

Guillaume MASSELIS is a former student of the ENSEGID, with a specialization in environmental sciences and environment management. During his 6-month internship at BRGM he worked on soil erosion and landslide issues. Now he just started his VI at iEES Paris, within the M-TROPICS critical zone observatory, and was posted at SFRI in Hanoi with […]


Layheang SONG started his PhD within M-TROPICS on erosion processes and sediment transport in tropical catchments

Layheang Song is a former student from both the Institute of Technology of Cambodia (Diploma of Engineering in water resources and rural infrastructure) and the University of Montpellier 2 (Master degree in Hydrology Risks and Environment). He did his master’s internship at the HSM laboratory on the hydrological modelling of small glaciated basins in the […]


PhD defence of Le Thi Huong : Impacts of landuse change on stream microbial communities in tropical catchments

Today October 17, 2018, Huong Thi LE successfully defended her thesis on the impacts of landuse change on stream microbial communities in rural, tropical catchments. Huong’s field work was performed within two M-TROPICS catchments: Houay Pano in Laos and Dong Cao in Vietnam. Her research was supervised by Thomas POMMIER (Ecologie Microbienne Lyon) and Emma […]


Paty NAKHLE started her PhD within M-TROPICS on pathogen bacteria transport and fate in tropical catchments

Paty Nakhle is a former student from both the Lebanese University and the Agronomy Engineering School of Toulouse (ENSAT), with a specialization in environmental science. She also hold a joint ENSAT/Paul Sabatier University master degree Ecosystèmes et Anthropisation and performed her 6-month internship at GET laboratory, where she experimentally modelled the degradation of peat and […]


Vietnamese IRD partners visiting the Dong Cao CZO

Scientists from the USTH and from the Thuyloi University visited the monitored catchment of Dong Cao, northern Vietnam (M-TROPICS/MSEC). The visit was led by Rinh Pham Dinh (SFRI) and by Jean-Luc Maeght (IRD, iEES-Paris). Visiting scientists discovered the history of the research carried out on this peri-urban watershed (49.7 ha).


Soils in the critical zone

Christian Valentin (IRD) coordinated a series of 6 books at ISTE Editions about the role of soils within the critical zone, including in the tropics. Renewed interest for soils is due to the social challenges they are associated to: agricultural productions, climate and biogeochemical cycles regulation, urbanization… By locating soils at the heart of water, […]

Sediment delivery from tropical rivers

Lancelot Pinta defended a master degree (M2) thesis entitled “Impact of rainfall erosivity and land cover change on total organic carbon accumulation in sediments of a water reservoir in Thailand” on Thursday June 28th at Sorbonne Université (Paris). The objectives of this study were to determine, the amount of catchment-derived organic carbon stored in sediments […]